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For each form of singing performance it is essential to have prior knowledge of the basic vocal technique elements, this can be singing of high tones, low register, clear pronunciation, forming the vowels, penetrative voice... The material of the Vocal school Musica is mostly meant for all music genres and styles, for beginners and advanced singers. At the same time it is used as a useful tool for choirmasters, private coaches and music pedagogues.

Singing application: VOCAL TECHNIQUE

vocal application

An innovative way for learning how to sing. The basic knowledge of vocal technique enables a detailed, collected and intense vocal performance. The vocal application was published on the initiative of numerous participants of vocal seminars who expressed their opinion about the necessity of that kind of education. Singing mobile application works with the programs Android and iOS. In 11 chapters and 68 units with audio-video support you will find numerous singing exercises, exercises to warm up before singing and useful advice that you can read from now on even at the beach. Author: prof. Robert Feguš. Language: English, Slovenščina

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singing book

Everyday practical work with vocal casts offered many materials about experiences for the preparation of book. The presented methods are based on personal findings and on the bases of the singer’s responses who took part. The handbook contains the knowledge of singing skills, collected in 10 chapters. You can find numerous supporting singing exercises and useful advice. Lessons: relaxation of vocal device, correct singing breathing, articulation of vowels and consonants, body stance, polyphonic singing, singing phraze, vocal range (singing of high tones or low register), resonance (headvoice), complete song preparation... / Page number: 79, year of edition 2016 - 3rd edition, autor: Robert Feguš, prof. the material was professionally checked by Simon Robinson, conductor, prof. and Simona Raffanelli Krajnc, prof.

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singing workshop dvd

The singing coach on the DVD offers a lecture arranged according to units on audio – video sound recording medium. It is about a record of the vocal seminar basics of vocal techniques, organized in the group at the 2nd weekend in Piran. Lecturer: Robert Feguš, year of edition 2012, length: 01:27:48, Kameleon Publishing.

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singing from sofa

The content of the package: Permanent access to the digital book Basic of Vocal Technique (pdf) + unlimited access to up to date online educational contents (audio-video records of selected seminars and exercises) + exercises to warm up before singing (pdf). Mentor: Robert Feguš, published in the year 2016, Musica Production.

Price for online singing education: 39,50 EUR