Exercises to warm up before singing

At the fieldwork I meet singer and choirmaster, they really miss among conventional music literature tools and exercises for warming up before singing and warming up the vocal body. For this case I chose some of the most and useful examples that are classified as exercises for warming up before singing…

singing warm-up

Exercises for warming up before singing:

Stretching the diaphragm






Exercises to warm up before singing:

Basic warming up of the vocal cord

Before the basic exercise for warming up it is recommended to do the exercise of pretending the falling mine. With a relaxed vocal body you freely go down from a “high” beginning tone to the lower ones by humming. Repeat it in different positions…



During the next exercise for warming up before singing you train the hearing recognition of the melodic distance of the whole tone beside the warming up of the body.



Exercises for warming up before singing:

Adjusting of vowels





When exercising for the adjustment of the voices you have to be careful when you repeat more often to form the individual vowel correctly. It is recommended to concentrate the most on two vowels at the same time.

Exercises for warming up before singing:

Adjusting the register

When doing the exercises for adjusting the vocal registers the resonance of the head is permanently present. The same is true for the transition in the chest register.





Continuing… singing exercises, long breath and activating the diaphragm, performing and adjusting accords, adjusting resonance, legato and staccato singing, aesthetic phrasing, widening the vocal extent, aspire singing and elasticity of the voice, intonation, repeating intervals and demanding accords…

Maybe you are also interested in the level prior singing knowledge? More about warming up of the vocal body, correct singing breath, the articulation of consonants and vowels, appropriate posture and expression, are you interested in singing polyphony, phrasing, how to widen the extent of a voice (singing high and low tones) or preparing the song from the beginning to the end. More about singing elements you find in The basics of vocal technique.

Did you find in the article Exercises to warm up before singing some useful advice for yourself?

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